Welcome to the project website for the Long Grove Comprehensive Plan Update! This website serves as a collaborative workspace for residents and stakeholders to interact, share ideas, and help plan for the Village of Long Grove’s future. With the support of your feedback and ideas, the outcome of this project will be an updated Comprehensive Plan to guide the community’s efforts to enhance the quality-of-life for residents and strengthen the vitality of businesses in Long Grove.

Stay up-to-date by checking out Project News and a Calendar of upcoming meetings/activities.


The Village of Long Grove is unique. It has maintained and enhanced its image as a high quality community in a unique setting as expressed through its commitment to environmental protection, open space preservation, downtown placemaking, and rural-countryside residential developments.

It is apparent that Long Grove has diligently supported a Comprehensive Plan that seeks to ensure the semi-rural atmosphere of the community is maintained, while simultaneously permitting quality development. Preserving Long Grove’s semi-rural charm is the most important goal of the Village’s update to its Comprehensive Plan.

Previous planning and economic development efforts will be incorporated as the foundation on which a unified vision is created. The next Comprehensive Plan will be an essential guide, sufficiently detailed, with all the necessary elements to guide the community in fulfilling the vision for Long Grove.


The goals of this Plan are to:

  • Establish a new vision consistent with the aspirations, needs, and goals of Long Grove residents.
  • Position Long Grove to capitalize on trends that are changing the way we live, work, entertain and do business.
  • Explore multi-modal transportation improvements, including an extension of the Village’s bikeway system.
  • Preserve and protect Long Grove’s community image and explore long term economic development opportunities.
  • Provide specific guidelines to ensure new projects associated with the Historic Downtown and Village Center, Route 22/Old McHenry Road, Lake-Cook Road/Route 53, Routes 83/60/45 commercial corridors, and Midlothian Road are consist with and add value to Long Grove’s character and tax base.
  • Consider “green” conservation approaches and flood management best practices.


The approach to the development of the Comprehensive Plan Update is divided into three related parts:

  1. Evaluate prior planning efforts, development trends, and community attitudes and desires.
  2. Create a future land use plan and guidelines for new development.
  3. Create an implementation plan to guide future projects and decision making.

During preparation of the components of the Comprehensive Plan, citizens of Long Grove will have various opportunities to participate in the planning process, contribute ideas, and share feedback.

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