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1. I have lived in Long Grove for about 10 years. I think when most people think of Long Grove, an upscale rural community comes to mind. However, almost every major road through the village presents an appearance of neglect. Most “Welcome to Long Grove ” signs are either leaning to one side or knocked over. Most trees in the median strips along Rt22 or Rt83 are dead, damaged, or missing. During the summer, the grass is never maintained properly. In fact I have seen it grow to 2 ft tall. Maybe this is not the responsibility of the Village but it would be a good idea to find out how Lincolnshire is handling things – everything always looks manicured and perfect driving through that town.

2. Would LOVE to have a Starbucks in Long Grove. If you build it, they will come.

3. Rebuild downtown access, specifically the sidewalk. Supply seating. Easy to find public restrooms. Add downtown directory, include outlying businesses. Make it easy for people to navigate and explore.

4. Would love to see a place where families with school aged kids could gather, maybe casual family dining. Also recommend a safe place that welcomes teens and young adults to gather like a coffee/tea shop or sandwich shop that has WiFi. Downtown is ideal as many of the community kids can walk or bike safely.

5. I would like to have sidewalks from 83 along Coffin Rd tutu downtown to make the shopping area more accessible for residents and visitors and give a neighborhood feeling.

6. The Rt 53 corridor into Long Grove looks like low income housing. It’s an embarassment to have this as the entrance to our cute town. You should be enforcing village code as to how many people/families can live in one house. You should be enforcing the amount of cars one has on their property.

7. We need more restaurants and night life in long grove. Give us residents a reason to come downtown. The little shops are never going to come back like they were. Get some nationaly recognized compaines to come in to help drive traffic.

8. Long Grove needs to take a serious look at downtown and totally re-gentrify it. The days of having candle, pop popuri and chachki shops are over. It’s time to build modern structures with an “1800’s architecture” that will lure real businesses and make the downtown flourish. So many opportunities exist — we need to look to the future versus looking at old, abandoned buildings dotting the area. Learn from the new downtown areas in Palatine, Arlington Heights and Mt Prospect. Moden progress please.

10. North Krueger road is a road I’ve been traveling all my life, and one that I do not believe requires vast extension. Protect Long Grove Woods, it is a beautiful neighborhood and there are none quite like it anymore – still extremely ‘rural’.


Retail Opportunities & Issues

1. Very high end (Lamborghini, Rolls, Maserati) car dealership? It’s been suggested before. It is a destination business, so we wouldn’t need the traffic that other businesses need. It provides high tax return but relatively low traffic. It would be a nice entrance to LG at 53 and 83 unlike a big box discount store, which has been suggested for that property and would forever alter Long Grove to be “yet another”.

2. The restaurant options at this center like T’s should include outdoor dining.

3. Additional businesses at Rt 83 and Aptakisic makes very little sense when there is so much empty space just across the street at Sunset.

4. An influx of new residential that includes aging in place could have a positive impact of the vitality of our downtown retail.

Hospitality/Entertainment Opportunities & Issues

1. The Voice of Long Grove Trustees suggested wonderful opportunities for a Ravinia-style entertainment venue on Salem Lake where the CS Industries property is/was. What a wonderful idea and upgrade to Long Grove for arts, tax revenue, land values!

2. There aren’t many music/entertainment venues in this area.

3. Hate to see this restaurant closed for so long. Have any serious investors contacted the Village over this property?

Transportation Improvements & Issues

1. Most of the Long Grove population is educated and well read. It’s time to stop the charade suggesting Route 53/120 extension was ever about traffic. As the fallacy of the 53 extension as a traffic solution is further revealed, it seems almost daily by the media now, it is time for Long Grove to take a stand beyond the resolution against the project. Long Grove needs to start fighting for real east/west traffic solutions and against the economic and environmental disaster this project would bring to us all. Why is our Mayor not out aggressively advocating against this ill conceived and unfunded project? Is there something in it for her personally? It makes no sense that she continues to side against 67% of residents and with Aaron Lawlor. We need representation now or a new mayor in 2017. Stop the charade.

2. I agree with your comments in general: the 53 extension is not in the best interests of Long Grove — or Lake County. Beyond the unfunded costs, the increased traffic from the planned commercial and high density housing along the corridor will render the road moot the minute it’s built. But I find the mayor comments unnecessary and unbecoming of Long Grove. As an educated community, surely we can make our points with decorum and without making it personal and nasty.

3. Property behind Abbott Research Farm Could be used for residential development or a community farm retail community center education etc.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Opportunities & Issues

1. Long Grove needs bike paths that connect the neighborhoods The lack of any paths sidewalks or trails is a big drawback for families with children as they consider where to buy real estate.


1. Would like to adding the 125 acre Goldin property to the east of Planning Area 4 along Aptakisic Road.

2. Great opportunity for residential redevelopment (along Salem Lake Drive).

3. Long Grove needs a more diverse range of housing options the historic downtown would be more vibrant with addition residential geared towards young families and empty nesters me I would love to live within walking distance to the downtown.

4. Need more housing choices Something for those of us who love the town but don’t like the idea of taking care of a huge lawn.

5. Residential redevelopment site (along Salem Lake Drive).

6. This is a large enough piece of property (along Salem Lake Drive) that it could have a true residential impact consistent with the comprehensive plan The comprehensive plan calls for considering housing options for younger families and seniors This can be accomplished through a cluster type community with multiple housing options to attract the targeted demographic The comprehensive plan speaks to balancing a community of long time residents a new families by creating a self sufficient community This project should include private streets and a strong HOA with detail CCR’s.

7. After taking the time to read the comprehensive plan, there is a real need for different housing options for younger families and seniors.

8. The vitality of downtown is tied to density we need a balance of longtime residence and new families There is a need for more housing options cluster subdivisions and low maintenance communities.

9. This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring a contained and innovative residential product that will attract a demographic to promote a much-needed vibrant and sustainable lifestyle for the future of our great community.